Our team has over 35 years in the creation of outdoor living environments. We pride ourselves in making this space an integral part of your home.

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    "To provide a quality paver installation for a reasonable price."

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    "Create a outdoor living space like it was our home."

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    "We are not the cheapest, but we're the least expensive over time."

We Provide Quality Paver Installations At A Reasonable Price

Few paver companies offer the combination of Quality & Affordability.  We take pride in insuring your installation will stand the test of time. Ultimately, we want you to share your experience with Sarasota Pavers 941 with friends and neighbors.

Sarasota Paver Driveway

Why Choose Us

Competitors often take a deposit and work on several different jobs at the same time, extending the your paver project by weeks and sometimes months. Once we get on site, we don't start another project until your job is completed. Quality Timely completion is goal number 1.

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